Back from the Dead and Ready to Party

By on January 20, 2012

After last night’s floor show in South Carolina, Newt Gingrich seems to be back from the dead and ready to party. I sensed electricity in the air (particularly at the neck electrodes) as he walked over just about everybody in sight, including the questioners. Imagine what home life with Newt must be like— the Inquisition with mint juleps? traffic court without the laughs?

Romney looks ready for embalming. Perry’s exit earlier that day was undoubtedly painful for him but he was essentially waiting for the referee to reach 10. I remember the Alamo (in movies) and this looked a lot like it — with better hair, of course. Santorum was Santorum. You can see why Pennsylvanians declined to send him back to the Senate in 2007. He seems something of a pill as a campaigner.

Trouble (for some) is one of these men is going to lead the Republican ticket this November. You could almost imagine the off stage cries of GOP incumbents as they survey the prospects for re-election under one of these leaders. The Democrats can’t stop grinning.

President Obama’s people should not start passing out Inaugural tickets quite yet. The election will still in large part be a referendum on his leadership. If the economic recovery stalls or sputters this summer, Charlie Sheen might be able to deny Obama a second term. Or Simon Cowell. We liked the Barak doing Al Green last night, but he will not be able to croon his way back to the White House. He needs to come up with a cogent plan to navigate through the rest of this recovery.

And he needs to speak to the issue of electoral and legislative reform.  We have seen the future and it is a mess. Another four years of gridlock and bickering in Washington is too much to ask of the American people.  The country has problems and all three branches should be at work solving them, not adding to them.

Congressional approval stands at about 9%. This is a record low. The Supreme Court’s approval is very near a record low-level as well. They seem to have a hard time sorting out issues of conflict of interest involving themselves. Some of their recent deportment has been less than distinguished. Only the president’s integrity and personal likability with the American people keeps him out of the doghouse and in control. He is earnest, he is bright, he is trusted, but is he up to the job?

Compared to the competition, right now he looks like a mink in a cage of skunks. But there is still nine months to go until Election Day and he needs to stay focused.

Tom Godfrey


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