• “On and on, on and on”

    I have partially tuned out of the ongoing Presidential Primary Contests that just keep rolling along like Old Man River. Unlike the River, they do say something and none of it is new or worth listening to....

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  • Out of the Fog

    An intriguing pattern is finally emerging from the political fog in Washington. The Romney stumble in last Tuesday’s primaries has caused Republicans and Conservatives to reconsider the Santorum candidacy. So has the fading of the Gingrich bandwagon, which got...

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  • A Santorum Blow Out and Some Journalistic Hog-calling

    Against the backdrop of the glorified hog-calling contest that has been triggered by the HHS mandate, Rick Santorum swept to an impressive victory in all the three primaries in play last night. Minnesota and Missouri were anticipated...

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  • Leaving Las Vegas

    OK. The Republican Primary in Nevada is over. And it was weird, baby. Each caucus was able to make up its own rules. Special interest groups got into the machinery. The Paul people hi-jacked a Gingrich-financed event....

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  • Whoopie Cushion Tuesday in the Orange Crush State

    Since we last posted, Newt Gingrich has accused Mitt Romney of denying kosher meals to needy Massachusetts seniors when he was governor. Mitt has sung several more patriotic songs at rallies, predicting victory. He has also, as...

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