• Out of the Fog

    An intriguing pattern is finally emerging from the political fog in Washington. The Romney stumble in last Tuesday’s primaries has caused Republicans and Conservatives to reconsider the Santorum candidacy. So has the fading of the Gingrich bandwagon, which got...

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  • A Republican Stimulus Package

    The Florida Primary continues along a predictable course. Romney’s up; he’s down. Gingrich is ‘on’; he’s having an ‘off’ day. Santorum gets off a zinger, but he’s stuck in the polls. Paul pleases his loyalists, but adds...

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  • Clueless in Tampa Bay

    That electricity in the air in South Carolina produced a stunning victory for Newt Gingrich at the polls. Wise insiders keep saying Romney will still likely be the nominee, but it is starting to sound like election...

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  • Back from the Dead and Ready to Party

    After last night’s floor show in South Carolina, Newt Gingrich seems to be back from the dead and ready to party. I sensed electricity in the air (particularly at the neck electrodes) as he walked over just...

    • Posted 2516 days ago
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  • What History Tells Us – if only we will read it

    I pulled a copy of Ted Kennedy’s autobiography out of a bookcase yesterday to see if he had much to say about his re-election contest in 1994 with Mitt Romney. Though Romney has failed to impress along...

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