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    Ethics, Morality and Values in the Health Care Debate

    I have not written of ethics and morality as a factor in health care reform. Perhaps this is a reflection of their absence in the national debate. Nevertheless assumptions concerning these expressions of American values are inherent...

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  • Did Romney Buy the GOP Nomination?

    Now that Rick Santorum has dropped out of the GOP contest, today saying he had no money to run ads in Pennsylvania, it seems that there is no barrier to Romney's coronation. Gingrich has curled up in...

    • Posted 2432 days ago
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  • “On and on, on and on”

    I have partially tuned out of the ongoing Presidential Primary Contests that just keep rolling along like Old Man River. Unlike the River, they do say something and none of it is new or worth listening to....

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  • Deja Vu All Over Again in Arizona

    They had another debate last night in Arizona. The four survivors. No one was voted off the island. Only because no one could vote. Romney and Paul carried on an odd flirtation. Romney’s hair was great. Romney and...

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  • Why Politics Is Making the US Ill

    OUT AND ABOUT Recent conversations lately have centered around politics, the Post, and health care. Many are sick of this election already and wish it were over. Even political junkies bemoan the lamentable nature of the current contest....

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