• Romney
    Operation Damage Control Swings into Action

    The President goes today to Faneuil Hall in Boston to defend his signature accomplishment, the Affordable Care Act. We are told he has chosen this venue because it was where the Massachusetts state reform program that was...

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  • pelosi
    Over the Cliff and through the Woods to Grandmother’s House We Go

    The verdict is in. The election is over. The post-mortems flow forth. You can take your choice on why the election ended up the way it did….. Republicans did not appeal to much more than older married white...

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  • robo-call
    Robo-babble hits the Keystone State

    We here at the Post office in Pennsylvania have been deluged with Robo-calls since Friday. They are all coming from one party. Their candidate himself delivered a canned message in his own support about an hour ago....

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  • argue
    States Rights and Health Care

    Mr. Romney the Republican candidate for President has turned into a real ‘States Righter’ since becoming a senior  citizen. His philosophical awakening extends from health care to emergency relief efforts. It is hard to understand. States Rights...

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  • subflood
    After Sandy

    I was scheduled to go into New York City last night to meet with an author whose upcoming book the Post is going to print in 2013. That did not happen. Train travel into the city from...

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