Nauseation Strikes Again

By on July 14, 2012

Campaigning 2012

The Presidential contest really descended into the mud at the end of this week. The Obama people have been questioning Romney’s record as a businessman-turnaround expert, turning over rocks and watching some nasty stuff crawl out. This coupled with further details about offshore bank deposits, Swiss bank accounts and undeclared pockets of revenue out of the country again raise the question of why this man so wants to be president when he has so much to explain about himself.

Midweek his campaign people hit back claiming the president was “lying’ about his Bain Capital experience and demanding an apology. Unfortunately for him, the Boston Globe released a story that same day documenting discrepancies in Romney’s own history of when he was running the company which required serious answers involving SEC filings. They suggested it was Romney the accuser who was lying.

Then followed a barrage of finger-pointing, sound-and-fury posturing, talking heads with verbal diarrhea, and all the gristle-and-scraps politicos love as entertainment but the public has long tired of consuming. I’m sure it all had Mayor Cory Booker and millions of others nauseated all over again. Meanwhile the economy is stagnant, Afghanistan goes on and on, and Congress just plays its childish games in the Congressional cloakrooms, giving each other political hot foots and blocking any meaningful action. I wish it were all just a bad TV special so someone could cancel it.

Partisanship aside, what is emerging before the Republicans even formally nominate their candidate is  a  man no one of any party should want at the head of any ticket. This is a serious problem. Whether he was really running the company or not after 1999, he was the sole stockholder, drawing a six-figure salary as the CEO. Why would a respectable company pay someone that much money to do nothing? What is plain is that whether the company got turned around or not, Romney and his cronies pocketed some of their assets or proceeds from sales and profited. I see very little genius in that. Who wouldn’t love to have their hands in someone else’s till legally.

What I am waiting for now is a defense from one of the chowderheads managing Romney claiming he never actually ran Bain Capital, but was instead just a front man, a money man, a name  on the letterhead, a corporate humanitarian and someone else supplied the brains and brawn. It would fit the current morass very nicely. So far this development is only a dream, but this campaign has been one long bad dream from the get-go.

Mover and Shaker

I hope somewhere some wealthy Republican mover-and-shaker is seriously thinking of putting it to Romney that he step aside before the convention and let another credible candidate emerge at Tampa with something to offer other than the ability to buy elections outright. OK Obama may have disappointed and misrepresented his talents, but Mitt Romney is as unattractive a candidate as the country has seen since Aaron Burr almost pinched the election from Jefferson. He may be a hail-fellow-well-met at home, but we do not need another hail-fellow-well-met screwing up the economy, vacationing frequently, and leading us into more foreign wars back at the ‘office,’ spinning one piece of fiction after another.

Been there. Had it with that. 

Tom Godfrey


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