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    Meanwhile Back at the Ranch….

    Implementation of the Affordable Care Act limps along at a discouraging rate. The national web site is still plagued with technical problems that get daily attention from the press. New evidence suggests other ways of enrolling are...

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    Gridlock in Washington * A Long Running Play is Revived

    I thought when President Obama was re-elected last November, the gate would open for Health Reform to move on to what-comes-next. I knew the Republicans would bring up repeal motions in the House to amuse themselves and...

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  • Nauseation Part 3

    This election keeps getting more and more nauseating. People raise this observation readily in casual conversation, no matter what their party affiliation. Obama is still after Romney for Bain Capital and not releasing his taxes. Romney refuses...

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  • Nauseation Strikes Again

    The Presidential contest really descended into the mud at the end of this week. The Obama people have been questioning Romney’s record as a businessman-turnaround expert, turning over rocks and watching some nasty stuff crawl out. This...

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