Deja Vu All Over Again in Arizona

By on February 23, 2012

They had another debate last night in Arizona. The four survivors. No one was voted off the island. Only because no one could vote.

Romney and Paul carried on an odd flirtation. Romney’s hair was great. Romney and Santorum squabbled and did a little hair-pulling. Santorum defended his Senate record by saying he was a team-player. We knew that because only team players have survived this far. Romney pandered. He was Harold Hill in the Music Man at one moment. A feared law professor the next. Then a stab at Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith Goes To Washington. He’s still trying to get on any team.

Gingrich smiled a lot and stirred in his armchair long enough to charge President Obama with killing babies. He scolded the press again. He was grandfatherly. He was irrelevant.

Who is the Republican ‘team’ these days? The audience in Arizona was raucous. Maybe more than raucous. Was it packed with Romney shills or did it just seem that way? Romney surrogates parroted scripted praise afterwards. Other Republicans let frustration seep through the cracks in team solidarity. Add former candidate and Romney-endorser Huntsman to that group this morning. And maybe Chris Christie?

Who is the Republican ‘Team’ anymore? People screaming baby killer? People against family planning? People who want to tell gynecologists what probes to use in pre-natal examination? People who want to bomb Iran? People who want to paralyze the government when it suits their purposes? People boo-ing gay servicemen? People dismissing the unemployed and poor? We’ve seen it all in the past year. And it feels mean-spirited. I don’t believe this represents the opinions of most right-of-center Americans.

Time for the island to vote itself out from under the contestants. 


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