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(to An Absence of Hair-pulling)

Later in the day I caught up to much of what I had missed by having my nose in the refrigerator.

I would say that some of the later Facebook questions did try to get at some substance and the Times Union reporters did trot out a few worthy local issues. Ron Paul even fielded a health care related question but did it as though he were swatting away a fly.

I stand by my observation that the candidates used all this as a platform to give their standard positions. Santorum quizzed on how he would handle an issue largely attacked President Obama. This was a standard practice at the rostrum.

Some of the other post-debate analysts thought there were great contentious moments but what I heard was nothing compared to a good old Bobo Brazil event. No one jumping out of the ring and chasing an opponent up into the seats. Newt was testy, Romney unctuous in his own defense, Santorum tense. Lots of candidates being tense or stiff. Maybe it was the costumes. No spandex, just business suits. Huntsman had the finest moment giving Romney a knuckle-rapping on public service.

The problem remains that one could predict most of the responses before they were delivered and when that occurs, it means the candidates have become very, very familiar. Time perhaps to have them clean out Donald Trump’s cat box.


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  1. Richard Vila on said:

    I don’t normally comment but I gotta tell thanks for the post on this amazing one :D.

  2. Beatrice Gagarin on said:

    Great post, you have pointed out some wonderful points, I too believe this is a very superb website.

    • TGodfrey on said:

      Many thanks for encouragement. I have put up another piece this morning. I am interested in your thoughts and suggestions on future writing. Please stay in touch. Tom

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    Very interesting. Keep it up. Don’t stop.

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