An Old-Fashioned Leaning Contest

By on January 2, 2012

The News is abuzz with the Iowa Presidential Primary caucuses tomorrow. After a long series of debates and sifting through the trivialities of each of the candidates lives and past foibles, it seems to be coming down to an old-fashioned ‘leaning contest.’

The leaning contest I am referring to is from a cartoon I saw many years ago. In the picture is a person with a head bandage announces that he had been runner-up in a contest to see how far out a third-storey window one could lean without falling out.

The leaning contest in Iowa is to determine how far to the conservative POV one can lean without falling out on one’s head. We have a couple of people who fell once and have gone up to the third floor to try again. It has been a long campaign. And Iowans are forgiving. Apparently being the champion leaner is more important than making any sense. And it is strictly a two-dimensional process. 3-D thinking is very risky.

There has been a lot of jostling up there at the window this week. Each candidate has been quick to point out faked leaning or any outright cheating by others. Old clips of candidates leaning to the center or left have been dug up to humiliate opponents. The primary voters will decide who the championship leaner is. Though the process is over tomorrow, it is not impossible that one of the contestants will again fall out on his or her head.

The press has been out there egging this on to add to the amusement of somebody. Tuesday’s caucuses all seems to come down to who will win this leaning contest. Timid leaners runs the risk of being eliminated. Of course, ‘Fallers’ run the risk of ending up like Herman Cain.

The president benefits from not being part of this lunacy, in case anyone is looking that direction. And this talent may not be part of the competition in November, although it is too soon to tell.

We need a strong responsible conservative voice in the American dialog. We need to examine critical issues in a probing manner with all sides being heard. So far this leaning contest is not supplying that. And the fourth estate is not helping.


Tom Godfrey

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