• My 2018 Oscar Picks

    Consider my “summaries” write-up as the intro to this column, assuming you got through it all.   I only include categories where I’ve seen all or most of the nominees. - – - – - I added...

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  • Summaries of 2017 Films

    Actually, it’s more accurate to say “My opinion of the 2017 movies I’ve seen.” Every movie year has its controversies and 2017 is no different.  I don’t need to elaborate on this year’s controversies; they’re in the...

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  • Oscar Night Review

    Quick:  Name the three previous Best Picture Oscar winners. While you’re “um”ing and “er”ing trying to remember, I’ll bet when someone asks, “Who won Best Picture the year ‘La La Land’ came out?”, you’ll remember it was...

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  • My 2017 Oscar Picks

    2016 was a good year for movies and an outstanding year for black stories, films, film makers and actors.  It was proof that if you can get a good story into the hands of a good producer...

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  • “Florence Foster Jenkins” Directed by Stephen Frears

        DAN WALKER ON FILM     Running Time:  111 Minutes ______________________________________________________________________________ “Florence Foster Jenkins” is based on the true story of a tone-deaf and eccentric 1930′s Manhattan socialite whose lifelong goal is to sing at...

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