• eye_of_the_storm_by_veeegeee-d784lja
    The Eye of the Health Care Storm

    We are in the eye of a political storm right now concerning health care reform. There is an eerie calm about this political season. The forces of repeal have blown themselves out to sea. Those who talk...

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  • Goodnews
    Some Good News for a Change

    The Los Angeles Times yesterday published reports that the Health Marketplace in California is functioning according to expectations. There is good news as well in Connecticut and Kentucky. If the states who elected to set up their...

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  • money
    Meanwhile Back at the Ranch….

    Implementation of the Affordable Care Act limps along at a discouraging rate. The national web site is still plagued with technical problems that get daily attention from the press. New evidence suggests other ways of enrolling are...

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  • Romney
    Operation Damage Control Swings into Action

    The President goes today to Faneuil Hall in Boston to defend his signature accomplishment, the Affordable Care Act. We are told he has chosen this venue because it was where the Massachusetts state reform program that was...

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  • Is Our Two Party System Crippling Health Care Reform?

    Since health care became a major issue during the New Deal years of Franklin Roosevelt, both parties have at one time or another attempted to address the growing crisis of American Health Care. Lyndon Johnson, Clinton and...

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