• Bruckner conducting
    Bruckner Symphony # 6 – A Retrospective By Curtis Rittenhouse

    Bruckner is either a composer you get or you don’t. He was a certified eccentric, sexually repressed, gullible, naive. rustic, talented, and god knows what else. He was devoutly religious, Catholic, obsessive-compulsive and I think that is...

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  • Giving Film Music the Respect It Deserves by Curtis Rittenhouse

    My recent encounter with Schmidt’s Notre Dame and an upcoming concert performance of Weber’s Der Freischutz got me thinking about neglected Austro-German music of the Romantic and Post-Romantic eras. One name that stands out there is Erich...

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  • Post-Mahleria at Carnegie Hall by Curtis Rittenhouse

    The Post’s plea for relief from Mahleria got an unexpected endorsement yesterday from the stage of Carnegie Hall when Leon Botstein, the Conductor and Music Director of the American Symphony Orchestra, declared  that the Mahler revival had...

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  • Mahleria at the Philharmonic by Curtis Rittenhouse

    I looked to see what the local orchestra is offering next week, and one of Mahler’s later symphonies dominates the program. I decided to pass. I am old enough to recall a time in the early 60′s...

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