• bball
    Two Thanksgiving Thoughts for the ACA

    Listening to current statistics about the Butterball Hot Line today made me realize that the Administration missed a trick by not turning the Affordable Care Act phone enrollment  over to them. They have the experience and the...

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  • Frustrated Woman at Computer With Stack of Paper
    Shop til you Drop at the Healthcare Marketplace Part 2: Frustration!

    Last week I began to share my experience with finding new health insurance under the new Affordable Health Care Act. You can read part one here. As I eagerly awaited for October 1, the date when the...

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  • Bye
    An Early Casualty in the Affordable Care Fight

    Few Americans know that the Affordable Care Act of 2010 had nine ‘titles’ (read: sections) and that one has already fallen by the wayside. Its death was so quiet and so underreported that most people didn’t even...

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  • Goodnews
    Some Good News for a Change

    The Los Angeles Times yesterday published reports that the Health Marketplace in California is functioning according to expectations. There is good news as well in Connecticut and Kentucky. If the states who elected to set up their...

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  • HCGov
    Reaching the Two Year Mark

    We have stumbled and sputtered through our second year. I, as editor, am solely to blame. The election year of 2012 wrung dry a lot of topics. The partisan bickering that has characterized 2013, culminating in the...

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