• “Sing Street” Written and Directed by John Carney

        DAN WALKER ON FILM     Director: John Carney (“Once”, “Begin Again”) Main Cast: Ferdia Walsh-Peelo (His first feature) Aiden Gillen “(The Dark Knight Rises”) Maria Doyle Kennedy (“The Commitments” “Jupiter Ascending”) Jack Reynor (“Macbeth”)...

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  • “Kingsman: The Secret Service” Directed by Matthew Vaughn

    Director: Matthew Vaughn (“Layer Cake”, “Stardust”, “Kick-Ass”) Main Cast: Colin Firth (“Another Country”, “Shakespeare in Love”, Best Actor Oscar for “The King’s Speech”) Taron Egerton (His second feature) Mark Strong (“Layer Cake”, “Stardust”, “The Imitation Game”) Samuel...

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  • “Begin Again” Written and Directed by John Carney

    Director:  John Carney (“Once”) Main Cast: Keira Knightly (“A Dangerous Method”, “Atonement”, “The Imitation Game”) Mark Ruffalo (“You Can Count On Me”, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, “Foxcatcher”) Catherine Keener (“Living in Oblivion”, “Into the Wild”,...

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  • My Oscar Choices

    Let me go into this saying I have very little confidence in picking winners this year but I want to give the main categories a rundown before the ceremonies.  I originally entitled this article “My Oscar Predictions”...

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