• Oscar Night Review

    Quick:  Name the three previous Best Picture Oscar winners. While you’re “um”ing and “er”ing trying to remember, I’ll bet when someone asks, “Who won Best Picture the year ‘La La Land’ came out?”, you’ll remember it was...

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  • My 2017 Oscar Picks

    2016 was a good year for movies and an outstanding year for black stories, films, film makers and actors.  It was proof that if you can get a good story into the hands of a good producer...

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  • My Oscars 2016 Picks

    What initially seemed like a down year for movies turned out to be not so bad.  And “Star Wars:  The Force Awakens” came out. I have a love-hate relationship with the Oscars.  While I enjoy the ceremony...

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  • My Oscar Choices

    Let me go into this saying I have very little confidence in picking winners this year but I want to give the main categories a rundown before the ceremonies.  I originally entitled this article “My Oscar Predictions”...

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  • Santa Monica Beach – The Spirit Awards

      I read a headline saying Sandra Bullock is not interested in taking part in “The Heat 2” and it reminded me of an interaction I had with her shortly after I moved to LA. For whatever...

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