• Frustrated Woman at Computer With Stack of Paper
    Shop til you Drop at the Healthcare Marketplace Part 2: Frustration!

    Last week I began to share my experience with finding new health insurance under the new Affordable Health Care Act. You can read part one here. As I eagerly awaited for October 1, the date when the...

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  • shopping_healthcare_sm-1024x1006
    Shop Til You Drop at the Healthcare Marketplace – Part One

    I love to shop. I consider hunting for the best bargains a hobby – no matter if it is for a new dress, electronics, or groceries. I truly enjoy reading reviews and researching deals. So, when I...

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  • What’s In A Name?

    Well, last Friday I finally did the ole’ official name change. It only took me three months since my wedding… this was a hard process.  I remained undecided about changing my name until about 2 weeks before...

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  • Law School
    Back to School – Tale from the Wife of a Law Student

    Yesterday was our last day of summer. Ryan heads back to law school today. This means going back to only seeing him on the weekends, unless you count the moments around 12:30 am that he sneaks into...

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  • snowcouple
    How Do You Define “Us”?

    The equally beautiful and challenging aspect about a marriage is the fact that you are bringing two different individuals together and creating a unified unit. Of course each individual brings their own family, friends, past experiences, and traumas...

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