Whoopie Cushion Tuesday in the Orange Crush State

By on January 31, 2012

The Seat of Power

Since we last posted, Newt Gingrich has accused Mitt Romney of denying kosher meals to needy Massachusetts seniors when he was governor. Mitt has sung several more patriotic songs at rallies, predicting victory. He has also, as a stated defender of the Paul Ryan Medicare, attacked the President for making reductions in Medicare spending that anyone with a brain remembers were done under duress from an uncooperative Republican house obsessed with cutting government costs.

It is also amazing to see so-called rank-and-file Republicans like Bob Dole and John McCain lining up to support this rather robotic and clueless front-runner as he shamelessly varies his messages from stop to stop. He is flip-flopping all over the place like a fish freshly out of water with issues of immigration reform and the concerns of Hispanic Voters there. You can almost see him talking out of both sides of his mouth if you watch closely.

The Republican Party has been accused of being the party of dirty tricks in the past. Now in Florida they seem to be behaving the party of the whoopie cushion and the squirting flower and the hotfoot. Anything to get elected. It was instructive to hear former Republican Governor Charlie Crist this morning sounding like the Republican party of old, clear-headed and calm, assessing the current situation. Why are people like this being drummed out of the GOP?

How can Republican voters feel good about the current state of affairs? It seems like only an obsessive hatred of Barak Obama holds them together these days. They are becoming the party of negativity and nastiness and ill-will. What reasonable voter will think they have any real interest in the issues that concern average American struggling with money issues and employment problems?

Time for someone down there to wake up and notice that they don’t have a credible candidate for November. The nomination should not be going to the person who is least repellent or has the most money. Tallahassee could turn out to be the Republican equivalent of Jonestown if the current trend continues. Reince Priebus may as well be serving orange-flavored Kool-Aid at the victory celebration tonight if anyone present thinks this is the way back to the White House.

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