Leaving Las Vegas

By on February 6, 2012

Oh Baby!

OK. The Republican Primary in Nevada is over.

And it was weird, baby.

Each caucus was able to make up its own rules.

Special interest groups got into the machinery.

The Paul people hi-jacked a Gingrich-financed event.

People who turned up complained about the format.

People who turned up complained about the choices.

Turnout was way under what it was 4 years ago. The Reno Gazette termed it ‘dismal.’

“There just wasn’t much excitement about their candidates,” one veteran observed later.

The counting was slow. They couldn’t figure out what to do about absentee balloting.

Party leaders met immediately afterwards to dissuss reforms.

All four candidates vowed to push on.

Oh, and Romney won with 50% of what has been counted, but fewer votes than 4 years ago.

Weird, baby.

Unimpressed Resident

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